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  • "We initially considered installing a whole house unit. We had been using a purifier unit on our counter top, but when we heard that the Aquamonics Water System was designed for the whole house, (after we had bought the Aquamonics Water System by the case and were having results), we decided to put in a Aquamonics water treatment system for the whole house. Because of Linda's health concern and the high dosage of powerful drugs that were prescribed for her to use on a regular basis, we were concerned that the dosages prescribed and the potency of the drugs, although supportive to the heart, would be harmful to her kidneys and liver.
    We installed the Aquamonics Water System in Feb. 2010. After a short period of using the water for every normal house use, we started to notice more energy and endurance. After a few months of use Linda was able to maintain longer periods of activity without exhaustion. We will now list some more encouraging aspects of the Aquamonics water treatment.
    The excitement came for us when the heart specialist and our family doctor working together after blood tests, decreasing Linda's one heart medication by 50%, and finally over a period of 6-9 months taking Linda off completely. Most of the drugs Linda was taking were decreased. Saving us and also our prescription drug insurance a lot of money. Also we do not take the amount of supplements that we used to take. (Another savings) We also save money when we do laundry and run our dish washer. It doesn't take as much soap.
    The results of bathing in this water is tremendous, because it softens the skin and hydrates the body. Our house plants really thrive and our garden produces more since we use the Aquamonics water.
    We now have over 30 months of experience with the treated water unit and the results are fantastic! Purchasing the water treatment system was one of the best decisions Linda and I could have made."
  • Leroy A. Miller - Apple Creek, OH
    "I bought and installed a Aquamonics Water System on 9/3/12 with the intentions to energize the water for our deer herd.
    After 2 ½ weeks I am seeing more changes in my own body then in the deer pen. No longer then I am drinking and bathing in this water, my hip problems left, my athletes foot got much better, I had a problem with heart burn, especially if I ate ice cream.
    Soon after I installed the system we had an ice cream party one eve. and I put it to the test, I ate ice cream, and on the way home I felt my heart burn coming on, when I got home I drank a glass of water and it left me. I also have more energy, I am impressed. And for the deer pen the water troughs are a lot better to keep clean."
    Leroy A. Miller - Apple Creek, OH
  • "They have a greenhouse and grow tomatoes with a drip line, and this past winter they usually went to a neighbor about 2-3 miles away to get Aquamonics water for their plants. Then one day in Jan. it was cold and snowy, the snow was deep, and the children didn't feel like going for water, So they decided to just use their own water, for a week they did that and their plants came to a standstill, then they decided to go and fetch water again, then the plants took off again.
    They have 1 Jersey cow, one day this cow got out and ran to the neighbors barn and the wife of the house ran after it, the cow went right for the water trough and started drinking water, it drank and drank and drank, then she asked the neighbor, what is this all about, and he said we have Aquamonics water, unknown to her that they had but in a Aquamonics Water System , so they got the cow home and the next morning this cow gave half another time as much milk.
    She has a brother living about 12 miles from her and he noticed that his neighbor, every time he cut his hay, he went out and sprayed his hay field, and he noticed that his hay field got greener a lot quicker than his, (about 5-6 days quicker) So his curiosity got the best of him and he went and talked to him, and his neighbor told him that he installed a Aquamonics Water System."
  • Jake King - Woodward, PA 16882
    "I was in bed for 6 years and couldn't walk, due to scar tissue growing in and around my spine. In April of 2012 we installed a Aquamonics Water System, and within 1 month I felt something different going on, So I started cutting back in my pain medication. In a couple more month I felt like getting up out of bed and I asked for my walker, and am now walking around my room a little, and sometimes I walk out in the kitchen with my walker."
    Jake King - Woodward, PA 16882
  • Jacob Fisher - Loganton, PA 17747
    "I installed an Aquamonics Water System on our farm, and in the farthest south meadow there wasn't any energized water out there, and the meadow closer to the barn there was energized water. When we left the cows out on the south pasture, we noticed that when they came in to the stable they drank and drank and drank. We thought, what is going on?
    But yet when we put them in the meadow closer to the barn, when they came in to the stable they didn't drink like when they came in from the south pasture. So we discovered that when we put them out on the South pasture, that they hardly drank any of that water, because it wasn't energized water. My wife sprayed the garden, and she had a fabulous garden this year. The one pasture I sprayed and the other pasture I didn't, and then in the drought this summer the sprayed meadow stayed greener.
    In the heat of this summer, there wasn't much of a dip, Cell count went down, and this fall the production didn't drop like other years. And now when I drive my horse 22 miles to my parents, he doesn't want to drink water till we come home, and then he drinks and drinks. We also noticed that the children sleep a lot better, the women say that their hair is more silky and fluffier."
    Jacob Fisher - Loganton, PA 17747
  • Anna Kauffman - Loganton, PA 17747
    "I sprayed the garden this summer after installing a Aquamonics Water System, and I am very happy with the results. My corn was never this big."
    Anna Kauffman - Loganton, PA 17747
  • Jake Fisher - Loganton, PA 17747
    The buildup in our tub went away, and the water tasted better right away. We watered the garden with this "Aquamonics water, and had tremendous results this year. We are so happy with it, and we don't want to part with it. And ever since we installed the unit, our 2 girls sleep a lot better."
    Jake Fisher - Loganton, PA 17747
  • Dannie Kauffman - Loganton, PA 17747
    "I milk about 25 cows right now, and we are heavy in growing produce. We have water piped down from the mountain at the house, and we use well water in the barn. We usually liked the water in the house from the mountain a lot better than from the well in the barn.
    Usually when I was out in the barn, every once in a while I got a drink out there, but I didn’t like it. And now the water in the house which comes down from the mountain doesn’t taste good anymore, since we installed a Aquamonics Water System in the barn, which is well water.
    Here a couple of years ago I had what seemed like a heat stroke. And every summer after that in July I seemed to get a bout of being fatigued and sometimes just didn’t feel like working. And it seems it got worse every year. And now since we installed the Aquamonics Water System early this summer, and this is now August, I hardly had any symptoms at all.
    Another interesting thing that I found out was that the cows didn’t clean up the grass in the pasture. So then I sprayed it, and the very first night, they cleaned it up a lot better, and now they ate it down to a nice pasture."
    Dannie Kauffman - Loganton, PA 17747
  • Sam Fisher - Loganton, PA 17747
    "We have a house full of Econo chickens, and they are laying 10% better than they did last year."
    Sam Fisher - Loganton, PA 17747
  • Elam Lapp - Allenwood, PA 17810
    "Since we installed the system, our whole family (everybody) sleeps better. We had a baby born while we were on the Aquamonics water, and he was one of the best babies we had, as he wasn’t fussy and didn’t cry much. We also ran out of silage and cows did good. I also think that it doesn’t take as much feed."
    Elam Lapp - Allenwood, PA 17810
  • Sam Lapp - Allenwood, PA 17810
    "When I wash the milk pails, there is a lot less glaze at the bottom of the buckets, and they clean a lot nicer. I ran out of corn silage, about the same time I installed the Aquamonics Water System, and I increased the grain a little, but the cows stayed the same in production, which they normally would drop. The cows aren’t hanging their tongues out this year like they were last year, in count of the heat, and we had record high temperatures this summer."
    Sam Lapp - Allenwood, PA 17810
  • Aquilla King - Montgomery, PA 17752
    "I raise horses, and when I installed an Aquamonics Water System unit I thought I will run a test on the horses. So I put a tub of energized water out in the pasture, and a tub of regular water, the horses emptied the energized tub of water before they touched the regular water."
    Aquilla King - Montgomery, PA 17752
  • Levi King - Montgomery, PA 17752
    We grow produce, so this year I thought I’ll plant another time as much as last year, but we had a lot of compliments on our corn this year, as it was so sweet, customers just kept coming back, as we had repeat customers, like we didn’t have last year.
    And we didn’t have near enough of corn. As the people wanted from this sweet, sweet corn. The corn stalks out in the field were a very dark green lush color.
    I have a dairy herd and do grazing. After installing a Aquamonics Water System, I sprayed half of the plots with just the energized water, and the other half I didn’t. When we had the cows on the energized plots for a couple of days, the milk production increased, then when I put them on the none sprayed plots the milk production came back down again.
    And also, each plot is marked out for a day of grazing, and the unsprayed plots they ate down to almost nothing, but the sprayed plots, (same size plots) there was still a stand left over.
    We got 700 Lbs. more milk, and the cows with stood our record heat a lot better this year. Cell somatic count came down, it was up to 700 and is now down to 150.
    Levi King - Montgomery, PA 17752
  • Stevie Stoltzfus - Cochranville, PA 19330
    I heard about the Aquamonics Water System and put one in. We have a dairy, and we use all our milk to make butter and cheese. Within 3 month of having the unit installed, we saw an increase in the cream.
    We usually got 1 Gal. of cream per 10 Gal. of milk.
    Now we get 1 Gal. of cream to 8 Gal. of milk.
    The butter increased from 45 Lb. to 55 Lb. with 15 Gal. of cream.
     The whole farm we see differences. The cows are more healthy all over.
     The unit had quit working for a day, (as a wire broke loose from the battery) and the allege grew back out in the meadow in our 300 Gal. water tank.
     We have a 25 year old mule, and in the last 2 years his hind legs were giving out, and I thought I am going to have to get rid of him. But in the last month or so, he is now trotting down the road, acts like a young mule. The heifers, I never had them so nice.
     Our chickens look better than ever.
     Our tobacco we planted in the same field for the last 6 years, and people told us that it won’t work, but it is better then ever, and not a bug on it, no blue mold, and we have green leaves all the way down the stalk.
    Stevie Stoltzfus - Cochranville, PA 19330