Health Benefits of Clean Drinking Water

Discover Our Superior Water Treatment System

At Aquamonics Water System, we know that when the body is hydrated properly, it has the ability to eliminate toxins more thoroughly, and it is able to perform at a higher level. It functions in a more perfect way when water is pure, energized, and cleansed. Ask us about our one-year warranty.

What Makes Aquamonics Water Different

The water assists the body to detoxify

The water more thoroughly hydrates the body - your body heals itself better in the presence of the right hydration

The body can only absorb about 60-65% of water, from the water that we have on the planet today (the body is actually about 80% water). Once the water goes through the Aquamonics Water System, the body can absorb 90-92%.

So if the body has about 80% water, do you wonder why people have issues like swollen joints, sore muscles, and arthritis?

The molecule clusters in the water are so big that they cannot hydrate the body. It is like taking a handful of tennis balls and throwing it at a chain link fence. They won’t go through.

When the water goes through the Aquamonics Water System, it reduces the number of those molecule clusters.

The nutrients can then go into the cells, and the cells can take the nutrients into the organs to hydrate the body. This also takes the waste out of the body.